2004 Mt Everest Trek

Hughes Wireless Expedition to Everest 2004

This is a running Gallery of pictures and commentary about my trip October 20th to November 4th to Nepal, and up to the Sherpa village of Namche at 12,000 feet, in order to install a Wi-Fi wireless network, connected via Satellite to the Internet In 2003, Dave Hughes helped - long distance by email and VOIP - Tsering Sherpa get a Cybercafe going at the 18,000 foot climbers Base Camp at Mount Everest, using Wi-Fi radios besides a Satellite system. Tsering, seeing that Hughes had experience in installing wireless links to the Internet from very remote places, asked for help in his home village of Namche, where he had his own satellite served Cybercafe, but with only two computers attached.

And Tsering was aware of Hughes work revitalizing economically 'Old Colorado City' in Colorado Springs, using in part technology and wireless. He asked for help.

Hughes agreed to come, pro bono, donating the equipment, and see what he could do for the Sherpas of Nepal.

This Album documents that expedition of October-November 2004 from its physical and technical preparation through its added project of supporting 'Distance Learning by Wireless in the poor village of Thame' - which is another album here.